Calm before the Storm

Reno Market Data Analysis November 2023

Hey there! The numbers are in, and the November Market Data Analysis for the Reno-Sparks housing market has some interesting tales to tell. 

I won’t keep you waiting; let’s dive right into the data. No drama, just facts, and a sprinkle of insights. Stick around, and I’ll share what this means for both buyers and sellers. 

Plus, I’ve got some predictions at the end.

Median Sales Price

a gentle dip

The median sales price settled at $585,000, a slight 2.5% dip from October. Not much of a rollercoaster there. As expected, the market tends to flatten during November, with the Thanksgiving holiday putting a pause on activities.

Closed Sales

Taking a Holiday Dive

Closed sales took a plunge, down by 15.4% to 215. Holiday months often see a slowdown, and November was no exception. Couple that with initial high-interest rates, and you have a recipe for a quieter market.

Days to Contract

A Slight Slowdown

Median days to contract increased to 31 days, a 14.8% jump from October. Understandably, with holidays and school breaks, the pace slowed. But, hey, a month to sell a home isn’t bad at all!

List Price Received

Holding Steady

The percent of list price received held strong at 98%, with only a 0.5% decrease. Prices may be steady, but things are taking a tad longer.

Price Per Square Foot

A Gentle Nudge Down

Median price per square foot dropped by 2.6% to $315. Remember, these are median values; neighborhoods vary. Midtown or South Reno might show higher figures, while up-and-coming areas could be more affordable.

market data analysis

New Listings

A Jarring Drop

New listings took a substantial hit, down by nearly 24% to 181. Sellers might be waiting for interest rates to play nice before listing their properties. Inventory challenges persist, as always.

Active Inventory

Taking A Dive

Active inventory fell by 16.2% to 482 listings. Limited inventory has been a long-standing issue, and it doesn’t seem to be easing up. But, fear not, predictions are on the horizon.

Month Supply of Inventory

A Gradual Decline

Month supply of inventory landed at 2.3 months, a 0.5% decrease. Not a massive shift, but a noteworthy one. Now, let’s talk strategy.

Advice for Buyers and Sellers

For Buyers: This might be the calm before the storm. Interest rates are easing down, making homeownership more accessible. Don’t wait too long; the competition might surge soon.

For Sellers: Yes, November’s numbers might not be thrilling, but change is on the horizon. Plan your next steps wisely, as the market is expected to heat up, especially after the New Year.

reno sparks housing market


Brace For Impact After The New Year

As interest rates continue their descent, the market is poised for a rebound. Brace yourselves; the calm won’t last long. After the New Year, expect a surge in activity. This past weekend was just a teaser of what’s to come.

What are your thoughts on November’s Market Data Analysis? Drop a comment below; I’d love to hear from you.

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